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Not Just a Pet Fence

We are passionate about our pets! At NEW Pet Stop, we provide a complete Pet Containment System. The Pet Stop® system is not just a pet fence! What we provide is a system through gentle training to teach your pet to safely remain in their designated containment area. Using gentle training techniques with minimal corrections, your pet will learn their boundaries and remain safe and happy. The underground fence is simply a tool in the learning process. Our service not only includes installation of the underground fence, but utilizes GentleSteps™ training to create a safe zone for your pets.

At NEW Pet Stop, we understand that Pets are individuals and not all animals need the same level of correction. With Pet Stop®, there are thousands of programming options to fit any type of pet personality so that we can customize the system to best fit any type of pet, from timid to ambitious, there are settings to fit every need.

Questions to Ask while shopping for Hidden Pet Fences

Is training included?  Pet Stop includes 3 to 5 training sessions to help you get started.

What happens if I accidentally destroy my receiver or transmitter?   For a small service fee of usually just $25, Pet Stop will replace the equipment at no additional charge to you.

Where is the equipment manufactured?   Pet Stop is designed and manufactured in the United States.

How much are batteries?  Pet Stop's EcoLite receiver is rechargable and does not require battery replacement.

Does your system have training levels?  Pet Stop has 9 Ultra Low training levels for gentler training of your Pet.

Is there a choice of contact posts?  Pet Stop has a retractable gentlespring post as well as rubber protected comfort posts available.

What does the receiver weigh?  Pet Stop's EcoLite receiver is the lightest in the industry weighing in at less than an ounce.

Northeast Wisconsin Pet Fence specializes in professional installation and service of in-ground electronic Pet Stop brand
fences to keep your pet safe. We also service all in-ground pet fence systems. Pet Stop is the best fence you will never see. If
you can find a more advanced pet containment system then Pet Stop we will buy it for you! Our professional systems are not only
for dogs but also cats. Contact us for a free estimate and the quality features we offer.

Why Choose Pet Stop® over Invisible Fence®?

Pet Stop's electronic pet containment systems are sometimes called "electric fences", "hidden fences" or "invisible fences". Our "hidden" systems protect the beauty and open space of your yard while keeping your pets happy, healthy and safe at home. Other companies manufacture similar systems, but only Pet Stop is 100% USA made. Pet Stop offers UltraCare, the best warranty in the business and GentleSteps™, an entirely gentle training program to help pets get accustomed to their new system as quickly and safely as possible. Pet Stop also offers a fully rechargeable receiver – the EcoLite. Check us out, and I’m sure you’ll agree. Pet stop is the Best Fence You’ll Never See.

Pet Stop® will walk your dog through training with GentleSteps™

We appropriately call our Pet Stop dog-training method GentleSteps. That’s exactly what it is: a series of gentle steps to effectively and humanely condition your dog to understand the new boundaries.

GentleSteps training is the modern incremental training program that reduces problems more commonly associated with traditional training by using barely perceptible levels of collar stimulation, just a tickle, during the initial training phase.

While other companies may promote similar types of training, only GentleSteps offers levels this low and makes level adjustment this easy. Feel free to ask your local Pet Stop dog-fence expert to demonstrate.

The behavior expert credited with this revolutionary low-stress training technique is professional trainer and Pet Stop dealer Rich Weinssen of Hidden Fence of New Jersey, who believes in a humane approach to pet training. He saw the opportunity to develop a low-stress approach by using a slow and gradual increase in correction supplemented by frequent training sessions.

UltraCare Warranty

Most premium pet-containment systems offer some sort of lifetime warranty to cover manufacturing defects. Only Pet Stop offers UltraCare!

This Pet Stop exclusive goes above industry lifetime warranties by offering not only a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, but also protection against accidental damage. Should you accidentally damage the equipment supplied with your system, you pay a deductible amount far less than the full retail cost of replacement. This is just one more advantage to owning a Pet Stop system.

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